Cinto Hilo de Plata Centenarios

Artesanales Garcia

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Cinto Hilo de Plata Fino un tramo de Piel de 2 pulgadas cosidos con un hilo fino de plata para crear diseños de todos tipos. Aunque es un Cinto muy Elegante y Brillante es un elemento perfecto para combinar para su Estilo de Vestir . 

A flexible band made of metallic silver thread that can be worn around the waist. The thread may be woven or braided together to form a textured, patterned or smooth surface. It may have a clasp or tie closure to secure it in place.

The belt may be shiny and reflective, catching the light and drawing attention to the waistline. The silver color may complement a variety of outfits and add a touch of elegance or sophistication. The texture of the thread may add a tactile quality to the accessory, creating interest for the wearer or anyone who touches it.

Overall, a silver thread belt can be a subtle yet striking addition to an outfit, adding a touch of glamour and enhancing the overall look.


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